Faith Opportunities


Family Devotions

Martin Luther wrote the Small Catechism to help parents teach their children about their faith. He recognized that faith needs to be nurtured in the home. Talking about what we believe is an excellent way for a family to deepen their faith. We can make it as regular a conversation topic as the weather, sports, or the latest celebrity news. One way to study and grow in the faith is to practice the Faith Five, which is a way to structure devotional time. These are: 

Share your highs and lows from the day, 

Read and highlight a verse in your Bible, 

Talk about how your highs and lows relate to the Bible verse, 

Pray about your highs and lows, and 

Bless each other.


If you are looking for devotional books and resources, the church library has a wide range of sources. Also they can be found at the local library, as well as many bookstores. Online these resources abound—it’s as simple as a search in Google! The ELCA website ( has a daily lectionary for study every day of the year.





Food Shelf

Donations and volunteers are needed First Tuesday 10:00-1:00 and 3:00-6:00 Third Tuesday 3:00-6:00 

863-3663, talk to Dorothy to volunteer 


English Language Mentors 

Help a new American learn English—resources are provided 

863-3657, talk to Julie to volunteer


Elementary School Mentors and Volunteers 

863-5910 to volunteer 


Meals on Wheels is looking for volunteers, contact Chet Nettestad 


Friendly Visitors 

We have many congregation members who would appreciate a friendly visit. Come by the church, find one or two people you would like to visit once every week or two, and simply be a friendly visitor—no forms, paperwork, or red tape. Just a congregation caring for its members.  


Riverfront Bible Study 

Thursdays at 10:00 am at the Riverfront Assisted Living. We will read each week’s text for Sunday and discuss it. Led by the pastors.


Men’s Bible Study 

Second and Fourth Saturdays 

7:30 am at the Trinity Lutheran Church 


Women’s Bible Studies 

Meet at various times through the week. Contact the church office for more information: 863-2424.






















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